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LIVPURE TOUCH PLUS Livpure "I" RO Water purifier is a state-of-the-art product from Luminous Water Technologies Pvt Ltd. Luminous Water Technologies is a part of the SAR group, much acclaimed for introducing "LUMINOUS", a well respected household brand. The "I" RO water purifier has been launched with an ambition to establish a benchmark in water purification technology and to offer world class choices in modern potable water systems to the Indian consumer.

Livpure "I" RO
Touch purity with Intelligent control.
• India's 1st most advanced touch technology RO water purifier. • India's 1st push button water dispensing RO water purifier.
• Advanced ergonomics to match your modem life style. • Purified water storage capacity of 8.5 liters (approx.).
• Advanced filter change indicator system. • Customer care number on display panel.
• Quick and friendly customer service. • Advance dispensing option to choose from.
• PURIFICATION CAPACITY*• up to 15 litres / hour.
• MAX. DUTY CYCLE • up to 75 litres / day.
• STORAGE TANK CAPACITY• 8.5 litres (approx.).
• RO MEMBRANE. • 80 GPD (gallons per day).
• FILTER • Pre-filter (optional), sediment filter, activated carbon filter, anti scalant filter, post nano silver carbon filter
• UV LAMP• 11 W.
• MIN. INLET WATER PRESSURE • 0.3 kg / sq-cm.
• MAX. INLET WATER PRESSURE**• 3.0 kg / sq-cm.
• INPUT VOLTAGE • 110V - 300V, 50 Hz.
• BOOSTER PUMP • 100 psi, 24V DC.
* Raw water should be free from iron, heavy metals, oil, grease & chlorine
** In case of higher pressure, use of pressure reducing valve is recommended
# Manufacturer reserves the right to change/replace/upgrade any part or component in pursuit of providing continuous improvement in the quality of the products to esteemed customers
Use a pre-filter cartridge if water contains more than 10 ntu turbidity
Raw water temperature should be between 10oC to 45oC
Total Dissolved Solids in feed water should not exceed 1500 ppm

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